Chris Twinn

Principal and founder

Twinn Sustainability Innovation

Conference Topic: Policies & Management

The goalposts are changing – are we ready for the new direction


Chris specialises in the design and delivery of projects where sustainability - with its environmental impact, social and financial aspects - is a key issue.

He has more than 35 years of experience in the design and construction of the built environment. His continuing in-depth involvement in the design of fabric and systems for environmentally sensitive buildings, together with their ‘Total Design’ approach for integrating planning and policy, architecture engineering, and economics, has resulted in recognition as a world leader in this field. Chris has a unique combination of experience in policy formulation, planning, design and delivery of projects seeking to achieve advanced sustainability.

He has demonstrated the ability to recognise the most appropriate design, policy and business solutions by drawing on his extensive experience of applying locally suitable solutions in many different markets around the world.